The Dark Figure of Dark Woods

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November 27, 2016 by thewashingteenian

by B’Elana Provard, Staff Reporter

   In the small town of Dark Woods, Minnesota, Mackenzie and Mark, twin siblings, 12 years old, lived in a orphanage in the top of the tallest mountain in the land where it always thundered. Even when the sun was shining. Both twins had brown hair and blue eyes. Bluer than the sky, bluer than the ocean. These children were the only children in the dreaded building. The owner of the foster home was Mrs. Lane. She had blonde hair and green eyes. She was rather slim and the nicest person on earth. Well, that’s what the children thought. The children were very happy.

   Starting on April 16, a dark shadow figure about 5 ½ feet tall stood in the distance. It was very plump. It happened every day for 2 weeks. Coming at exactly 5:13 every afternoon. One day, Mrs. Lane went into the food pantry to find some beans. The children walked into the kitchen and heard a scream. The pantry door was ajar. They opened the door and sparkles exploded in the children’s faces.

   This left them wondering, where has Mrs. Lane gone to


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and when will she return?

   Mark said,We must find her Mackenzie.” The twins were going to go outside to see if she went there. As Mackenzie went into her closet to get a coat, she saw a purple square cube about the size of a pillow in front of her. She backed away but a strong force pulled her towards it. With her last bit of strength, she let out a big scream and disappeared with the purple cube. Mark ran upstairs once he heard the dreadful noise. 

   “Mackenzie! Where are you.” There was no response. His heart was racing. No one was there.

   Except him and the dark figure. The Dark Figure! That’s it! Mark was determined to find his lost sister and Mrs. Lane.

   A day later he walked up to the dark figure and spoke to it. He said, “ What have you done with my sister and Mrs. Lane?”

   The figure responded in a crackling voice, “Why don’t you come and see for yourself blasted child.” Everything went black. All Mark could see was the tip of his nose.

   “What’s happening?” Mark yelled, not knowing where the figure was.When the black fog faded Mark looked around. A sign 3 feet away from him said, “Welcome to the Atlantic Shore.” No one was there only a figure of a girl lying on the shoreline.

   Wait. A girl! Mark ran to the girl. It was Mackenzie. She wasn’t breathing. Mark’s eyes started to water. In a muffled voice he said, “What have you done with Mackenzie?”

   The figure replied in a healthy sounding voice, “Don’t worry, she is just in a deep sleep I put her in so she wouldn’t ruin my plans to take over the world. She will also become one of my minions like Mrs. Lane has already become. She is opening portals to let other people here to transform as well.”  

   “No, I won’t let you,” Mark said in a confident voice. Next to him was a glass bottle, he picked it up and broke it. The figure had no idea what Mark was going to do, so he just stood there. Mark picked up a large amount of the broken glass and threw the pieces at the figure. As each piece hit his dark body, immense fog rose up as he exploded into nothingness. Mark looked behind him and saw a purple mist rising from Mackenzie. The mist pulled her up to her feet and as she took a deep breath her feet touched the ground.

    “Mark,” she said so excited. As Mark calmed her down a white figure was emerging from the clouds.


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   It was Mrs. Lane. She had awaken from the spell. As she touched foot to the ground the twins gave her a big hug and they all wanted to go home. Purple sparkles covered everything and all that was seen was the faces of the three. When the sparkles started to fade they saw the door of the orphanage. The sparkles had brought them home.

They were so happy, they had a party. Just the three of them. They had cake and pudding. It was the greatest day ever. They stayed up till midnight reading stories. They had a wonderful sleep knowing that the figure was gone! The next two days were great too. They want to the store and the mall. The twins were so happy.

   On the third day, Mrs. Lane had brought exciting news. The twins were being adopted. By who you may ask? Mrs. Lane had adopted them. They wanted the same. They now called her mom. They made cookies and milk, dumplings in stew. All of them were very happy.

   Days and years went by. The children grew older. When Mrs. Lane had passed on the twins inherited the orphanage. One day it was 5:13 on April 16. Mackenzie was making supper and Mark looked outside. He saw a figure about 5 ½ feet tall that was plump. Then, it hit him.

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