The Fantastical Guide for Vegetarians at Fast Food Establishments

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December 4, 2016 by thewashingteenian

By Marinia Powell, Staff Reporter and Senior Staff Photographer

Fast food. Let’s be honest: it’s everywhere and the majority of Americans have it at least once a week, which is the worst time of the week for the majority of American vegetarians. The Baconator? Really? Two for five chicken sandwiches? Now you’re just teasing.

I am a veteran fast food eater. I’ve been doing it every Saturday since I was a toddler and I’ve been a vegetarian for about three years. These are the menu items I’ve found are the best from the main drag of the fast food industry.

Note: I don’t recommend eating this everyday, but for one day a week, I really can’t imagine it would give me a heart attack. Also, it’s perfectly normal to see a vegetarian eating various kinds of seafood (sorry, Ariel!)


Ah, McD’s, my old friend. I avoided Ronald even before I turned vegetarian because of his


Photo via Flickr.

non-free range food. However, I do occasionally find myself under the clown’s thumb every now and then, and this is what I order when I do:


  1. I recommend a salad asked for without meat and maybe a side of fries.
  2. A breakfast sandwich requested without the sausage patties, with a side of hash browns.
  3. A Parfait with fries or on it’s own.
  4. Hot cakes.
  5. Fruit and maple oatmeal.
  6. Big breakfast asked for without meat.

Roy Roger’s:

This must be weird to see RR’s here.

  1. Salad with a normal side.
  2. Egg and cheese crescent (yes, crescent not croissant.)
  3. Scrambled egg platter without ham.
  4. Made from scratch pancakes.

Burger King:

I discovered that BK is not too bad in the no-meat section. I discovered this in the fledgeling days of my vegetarianism when I was starting to boycott fast food altogether. Then, one day, my mom ordered their veggie burger (which is actually not made by BK but sent to them by Morning Star Farms, a vegetarian company committed to alternatives to meat. Even better– the burger patties are actually sold at Martin’s as their garden burger). Their menu items include:

  1. The veggie burger with a normal side like fries or onion rings.
  2. A whopper requested with no patty but only the vegetable dressings with a normal side like onion rings.
  3. A salad asked for without chicken and possibly a normal side.
  4. Egg and cheese croissan’wich.
  5. Pancakes and sausage platter without the latter.
  6. French toast sticks

Kentucky Fried Chicken:

Warning! Avoid unless necessary!

The last time I was there was hopefully exactly that. There are some things you can order, like biscuits or Mac n’ Cheese or fries, but the only size I could find for the Mac was small. The fries are fine, but really…. for lunch? And then there are biscuits. If you’re going to KFC, this will only be something to tide you over until you can actually get something to eat. But if you’re carbohydrate loading, then you have found your place to shine! You can safely order:

  1. Biscuits.
  2. Side of Macaroni.
  3. Fries
  4. They still have cookies!


One word: sides. This is just one of those places to go only if you have to, like when your non-veg family outnumber you.

  1. Monsterella stix.
  2. fries. Just plain fries.

Taco Bell:

This is a pretty good place to go for vegetarians, and not-so-secretly my favorite place to go for fast food. You can replace most item’s beef with beans and they have a full vegetarian menu. This consists of:

  1. Seven layer burrito.
  2. Bean burrito.
  3. Black bean burrito full of rice and tomatoes and such.
  4. Power menu burrito-veggie.
  5. Power menu bowl-veggie, full of stuff like rice, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, cheese… my mouth is watering… I might need a minute…
  6. Cheesy roll-up.
  7. Cheese quesadilla.
  8. Spicy tostada.
  9. Pintos and rice.
  10. Black beans and rice.

And then of course there are the menu items you can put beans in!


What? Nobody goes there anymore? Whoopee! No lines!

  1. Almost anything asked for without meat.
  2. Chips and guacamole.
  3. Chips and salsa.


Please avoid at all times! This isn’t a bad idea until you’re sitting there and realize your shrimp’s small intestine is still in it….and it’s full.


This is actually not a bad idea. What I usually do is order sides and salad, and share a large fries or onion rings….or sometimes both.

  1. Curly fries.
  2. Mozzarella sticks.
  3. Onion rings.
  4. Potato cakes.
  5. A salad, probably paired with the above options.


Ah, Wendy. We would think since you advertise so much fresh fruit and vegetable recipes with the best of the best of garden vegetables, it’s disappointing to see you’re pretty much


Photo via Pixabay.

the non-homophobic (I remember what you said) twin to Chick-fil-a in the way you can
only serve side salads without chicken. Side salads.


  1. Almost any salad asked for without chicken. Sigh.
  2. Caesar salad.
  3. Garden salad.
  4. A baked potato with a salad.
  5. Fries. Just fries.


Even their salads have chicken in them. The salad. This is gonna involve a lot of picking stuff out.

  1. Order a salad and pick out the chicken.
  2. Biscuits, possibly ordered with a salad.
  3. Greek yogurt Parfait.
  4. A breakfast platter selected and asked for without meat.
  5. A breakfast sandwich asked for without meat and possibly with some hash browns.
  6. A breakfast burrito asked for without meat.
  7. A salad either asked for or picked-out-by-you-meat.

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