Book of the Month: January

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January 18, 2017 by thewashingteenian

A Series on Classic Books

by Marinia Powell, Staff Reporter and Senior Staff Photographer

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

By Mark Twain

   The story of Hank Morgan – the aforementioned “Connecticut Yankee” – begins when he is thrust from 1870’s America after a lively brawl with a coworker to medieval England.

There, he is quickly thrown into danger (and nakedness), but Morgan soon realizes that the actual king Arthur and his court aren’t as bright as they appeared in the stories. Using his knowledge to predict an ominous (enough) event, he changes his position from prisoner to “the Boss.”

Using his new position, he runs the scheming Merlin out of town and uses his knowledge of the 19th century to establish various facets of modern technology with his eye on turning England into the world’s first republic.


Image via Wikimedia Commons.

Although this is a comedy and basically a self help guide for anyone who finds themselves in medieval England after a work brawl, there are also startling looks at the oppression this whimsical world of chivalry is built on.

   This isn’t one of the better known classics out there, but it holds a special place in literary history and a small cult following. And with the Boss’s journey of starting anew in a strange land, I can’t imagine very many others better suited to bring you into the new year. Or, you know, any unintentional time travels.

This book is available through the Washington County Free Library as a book, an audiobook, an e-audiobook, and an e-book.

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