The Coffee Shop

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February 15, 2017 by thewashingteenian

By Anonymous Teen Writer

   I watch as the little rain drops tap against the wide window. Listening to the traffic beyond that point, interrupted with a jingle of the door every now and then. My hands are filled with warmth, as I slowly wrap my boney fingers around a white coffee mug. Lifting the cup to my chapped pink lips, I inhale the fragrance of hazelnut. Closing my eyes to enjoy the almost silence, aside from the hum of the music.

   “Kayla!” my best friends voice breaks me from my thoughts. A warm smile grows on my face as I already picture the radiant glow of her face. “I have so much to tell you.” she continues, making herself comfortable in the seat across from mine.

“As do I.” I looked at her with a comforting smile. She looked at me funny and my stomach started to turn, wondering if somehow she already knew what I was about to tell her. My hands become clammy and I try to focus on what words are coming out of her mouth but I fail.

   “I’m pregnant.” I blurt out, straight word vomit. My eyes grow wide as the realization sets in on what I just said. Abbey sits there in front of me with a blank stare. With my stomach feeling like a volcano just exploded, I grow weary.

   A bright white perfect smile appears on my best friend’s face. With that smile, as if every worry about the baby slipped from my mind, I knew everything was going to work out okay.

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