How to #Resist

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February 26, 2017 by thewashingteenian

By Marinia Powell, Staff Reporter and Senior Staff Photographer

In the wake of the recent election, many people are still feeling jilted and displaced, and that’s good. The election gave us new perspectives on what feels like an above-our-heads political system.


Image via Wikimedia Commons.

People go their entire lives not getting involved with the political system and not gaining an understanding of how it works, which is not good. At the end of the day, our representatives, senators, mayors, and even the president, work for us.

And even if you can’t vote yet, it’s still our job to remind them that they’re there as long as we elect and we will be in a few years. Every one-in-four Americans is under 18, so if we want change, then we can make change.

Resisting isn’t all protests, here are a few simple ways you can get involved at any level you are comfortable on:

  • Write a postcard to your local senator (the local senators for Washington county are Sen. Benjamin Cardin and Sen. Chris Van Hollen).
  • Join a place like to find local groups with shared interests.
  • Look into a political volunteering opportunity.


How to contact our local senators:

Senator Benjamin Cardin

509 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, DC, 20510.

Phone: 202 224 4524


Senator Chris Van Hollen

B40c Dirksen Senate Office Building

Washington, DC, 20510.

Phone: 301 942 3768


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