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April 9, 2017 by thewashingteenian

By: Hunter Seymour, Staff Reporter

Leo Tolstoy, a famous Russian author, once said “The most important person is the one you are with in this moment”. This quote is touching on the idea that the people close to you, directly through relationships or indirectly through the public eye or someone you do not really talk to, have an influence on you in someway even if you do not know it. These influences can be both negative and positive and affect you everyday of your life. These influences can also be in the form of inspiration.

One person that has influenced me like this is my mother. Most people have some form of this parental influence through their years of growing up. However, I feel I was lucky in this aspect because my mother was a stay-home mother. This has caused my mother to pretty much be around all the time.

This may seem like it would be annoying, which sometimes it is, but it has allowed me to be taught many things. An example of this is my mother always telling me what to do and not do. Whenever I would act a certain way my mother would correct me if what I was doing was rude or wrong and she would also tell me if my actions were exactly how I should be carrying myself.

I believe this has shaped my viewpoint on many things in life and how I act and behave in different situations.

My mother has also influenced me through the way she acts and reacts when thrown into either a bad or foreign situation. In the past couple years there has been many situations that either my family or just my mother have been apart of.

In these situations many bad things could have resulted or even just a simple mental and emotional breakdown could occur. However, in these situations my mother has carried herself in a very proper and nonviolent matter that I believe that if I had been in that situation there probably would have been some very loud arguing and yes, properly some swearing.

My mother never acted in any way like that and that has shown me that many situations do not need to turn out so horrid and intolerable but all you need to do is to take a big breath and relax and go at the situation in an understanding and proper mindset.

Lastly, my mother has always cared for me and my sister and that is something that I admire and inspires me. You all may be thinking “well, isn’t that her job?” and I would agree with you on that but what I mean by that is that me and my sister are not as easy to handle and deal with as some people believe.

Throughout our years of growing up we had done, and sometimes still do, many things that we probably should not have done. However, my mother always came at us from the angle that all of this is life lessons that we ourselves need to learn and she is just there to guide us and care for us through those lessons…and of course give those occasional groundings that we all dread and deeply hate.

Citizens of the world are also influenced today through the public eye. These influences come through, a lot of the time, as inspirations on how to take on different aspects of life or even bad influences on what you should not do or partake in. In this day and age, a lot of these type of public influence come through our sports players of today. This leads me into my next influential person in life.

This person would be Tony Romo, now backup quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. I choose Tony Romo because, like my mom, he has led by example and has influenced and inspired people through how they hold themselves. Anybody that truly knows me knows that I am a diehard Washington Redskins fan and for anybody that knows about the National Football League knows that if you are a Redskins fan ,you automatically dislike the Cowboys with a passion.

However, even though I do not like the team Tony Romo plays on or his performance when he is playing against the Redskins, his actions and his drive in the past couple of years of his career have inspired me and influenced how I see sports.

The first way Tony Romo has influenced me is through the way he has acted in the past. For the people who are not as into football, Tony Romo used to be the starter until his multiple injuries and the emergence of the talents of a rookie quarterback that has now taken his place.

When Tony Romo had a press conference about his recent recovery and demotion to being a back-up he responded, “You earn everything, every single day, over and over again. You have to prove it. That’s the way the NFL, that’s the way that football works. Ultimately, it’s about the team, that’s what we’ve preached our entire lives.” The way that he held himself in this situation and how he shows that it is not always about yourself but what is better for the system, in this case the team, is what I find to inspirational to all people in some form of a sport and how life in general should be taken. Everything you achieve is earned through your actions.

The second way Tony has had an influence on me is through his drive to achieve his goal and to continue to do what he desires to do. In the past two seasons, Tony has broken his back and his collar bone twice. The second injury came just a couple of weeks after his return from his first injury. However, even with these injuries and the negativeness from the press and fans Tony has continued to push through and continue to work his way through his recovery so that he may be able to return back to the field.

During his press conference he had stated that “If you think for a second that I don’t want to be out there, then you’ve probably never felt the pure ecstasy of competing and winning. That hasn’t left me. In fact, it may burn more now than ever.” This has influenced me because it has shown me that it is not always about the fame and money for some professional sports players but for the love of the game.

I have always loved the sports I play and have always felt that you should enjoy what you are doing. However, sometimes that can be hard when you are not getting to participate as much as you like to. Tony and many other players like him remind us players that it is not always easy and remember to always push through those questionable moments and remember that what you are doing is for the love and enjoyment of the game.

Lasty, Tony Romo has influenced me through his repeated success on the field. I know that this may seem a little blunt and relatable to a lot of professional sports players but, that is what makes sports great today and Tony Romo is a very good example of that.

His success and many other professional’s similar success has inspired me throughout my years of playing sports in high school through the fact that if you continue to work hard it will show on the field. This influence along with Tony Romo’s many others has shaped my outlook on the many sports that I love and life in general.  

He ended his press conference with saying that “I think once you control the one inside of you, the one across from you doesn’t really matter.” He was saying that you cannot worry about what the person in front of you is doing or how they are performing; the only thing you can worry about is what you do.

Tony has influenced all people who have watched him by showing that the many things that we may desire in life are not just handed to you but are achieved through the work and heart you decide to put into it.

Overall, the influences and inspirations we generate for other people or the ones that people generate for us will, in fact, affect your life in ways that you may not even notice or understand.

If you look at the definition of inspiration it states that it is  “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”. When I hear this definition my mind immediately sets on the use of one word. That one word would be “creative”. I believe that the word creative fits perfectly with this definition because the word inspiration and to be inspirational is uniquely different for each and every person. All of you sitting in this room have expressed or are soon to express who inspires and influences you.

Your inspirations are all based on your creativity and aspirations or someone else’s. I believe it is astonishing on how people are inspired and inspire others around the world in so many different and creative ways through their influences just like my mom and Tony Romo has done for me. 


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