Dear Mr. President

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April 26, 2017 by thewashingteenian

By Hunter Seymour, Staff Reporter

Dear Mr. President,

I know that there are many issues in this country that need to be addressed. However, I urge you to consider one of your tasks to be addressing the problem of gun control. Currently our country is suffering from this constant argument of how to resolve this issue. I am here to ask you to create some basic laws for gun control. Creating small but effective laws will help to decrease the use of guns in violent acts and the distribution of guns to violent groups and convicted felons.

According to Stephen E. Wright’s article on the subject, gun control laws will not save lives: protesters against gun laws say that “Guns are used by violent people too frequently in this country, but guns are not responsible for creating violent people, they created themselves“. I agree with this statement but, even Wright says here that guns are used too much in this country for violent crimes.Therefore, simple, but effective, gun laws could help reduce the violence and accidents that revolve around gun use in our country.

Many states have already taken this step in implementing simple gun laws. In Virginia, there is a one-gun-a-month law that is in place to reduce gun trafficking.It has reduced greatly the amount of out of state crime guns traced back to Virginia dealers. The implementation of these simple state laws can help reduce the violent effect of guns on our county while not necessarily “rocking the boat” on the restrictions of gun use.

Many of the citizens in our country are actually for these common sense gun laws. Statistics that Watkins’s article on stronger gun laws provides shows that nationwide polling data shows that respondents are highly in favor of basic laws for the safety of the user, and any other person around the user or that the user is targeting. the safety of other citizens through the restriction of sales, and the restrictions on the usage of the firearms. “92% of respondents, including 91% of gun owners, favor mandatory criminal background checks for all gun purchasers.”

This is saying that even gun owners believe that background checks should be performed when purchasing a gun which would make the purchasing process harder for the consumer. Around 80% of the citizens surveyed, including 70% of these citizens being gun owners, agree with implementing the requirement of registration of newly purchased handguns. This would increase the safety of gun use by allowing newly purchased guns to be tracked and make it easier to control unregistered gun usage in any way.


Image via Flickr.

Watkin’s article also uses the nationwide polling to show that citizens are for these simple, common sense laws by polling citizens on if they are for laws that increase the safety of other citizens through the restriction of sales and the usage of purchased firearms. Around mid-80% of respondents, including about 73% of these respondents being gun owners, favor  the creation of laws that restrict handgun usage by purchasers until a permit is obtained. This could insure that the purchaser is at least educated on the safety of the gun and knows how to properly use it. Lastly, Watkins informs that “65% of respondents favor banning military style assault weapons, and 74.9% favor governmental safety standards for firearms.” This would also lead to an increase in the safety of a firearm and the safety of the people around the user of a firearm.

These small laws for guns are just like what automobiles have before they are distributed. According to Watkins, automobiles “are subject to a myriad of federal health and safety standards to protect their owners and the public,” so why are guns not treated with the same standards.If the citizens of the United States, most of them gun owners, agree with the implementation these small laws than it shows that these laws are something that should be made official in the entire United States.

I know that the issue of gun laws is an issue of concern throughout our country and that is why I write to you today about it. This is an issue that needs to be addressed before it gets out of hand. People will take solutions into their own hands to protect themselves and their family from the harm of guns in the wrong hands. I hope these points and statistics  have shed some light on the fact that a majority of people in this country would support the creation of common sense gun laws and the importance of the look into this very serious issue in our country.


                                                                       A Concerned Citizen



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