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April 30, 2017 by thewashingteenian

Hello! Random Advice Person here!


Image via Flickr.

Random Advice:

How to deal with bad haircuts: Never actually had experience with this, but from others I have heard it helps to use hair clips or hair accessories. Or just try something new! Think out of the box. If it is REALLY that bad, than wear a hat (if possible).


Eating on the go: For food in backpacks and bags, remember: no refrigerated food like cream cheese. Try to keep fruit towards the top of the bag. 


Meeting new people: DO NOT HIDE! They will not be able to talk to you if you keep hiding from them. Also do not stare at them. They will call you a creep, and will probably ignore you for the rest of their lives. Unless they are also staring at you like a creep, than yes, it is okay to stare at them. Keep the conversation going. Soon you will either be friends or just two creeps staring at each other for all eternity. Either way it counts.
That is all for now!


Any teens looking for similar advice from teens? Feel free to comment!


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