Gone: Part IV (The Finale)

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August 24, 2017 by thewashingteenian

By Emily Wise, Staff Reporter


Chapter 16 – I Guess

Anthony sat shotgun in Keyone’s car, and was sleeping. Keyone was awake, wide awake, and getting on the turnpike to Pennsylvania. He was on the phone with Paul.

“Wait, what happened?” Keyone exclaimed.

“There was this burglar running into the Bam, trying to steal the money, and I was working after hours, right? So I threw some thawed-out french fries at the guy, he slipped, hit his head off the counter, and was K.O.ed. I called the police and now I am front page on the newspaper and I’m gonna be on TV!” Paul recited the story, happy with himself. He finally did something helpful.

“How the- you know what, I give up. This is just too weird. I have to go, I am almost there.” Keyone hung up and pulled over to the side of the road.

He elbowed Anthony in the ribs. “Wake up, we’re there.”

Anthony’s eyes slowly opened. “How long have I been sleeping?” Keyone looked at the clock. “Hours.”

Turning off the car, he got out. Anthony followed. They stood on the edge of the road, looking at the trees. The green leaves filtered light down to the forest floor. It was oddly peaceful.

Well, it was peaceful except for the ‘NO TRESPASSING’ sign.


Anthony looked at Keyone, who looked back at Anthony.

They were both unsure if they should go into those woods.


Image via Flickr.


Chapter 17 – It

A blonde-dyed-dark-pink leaned against a wall outside a Walmart, smoking.

A redhead walked out and stood beside him, holding grocery bags.

“You know smoking kills, Kane.” The redhead said.

“Why do you think I do it, Ethan?”

“You know you have to be alive to face your past.” Ethan said.

“Eh, screw my past. Why do you think I have pink hair? They said not to. Why do you think I smoke? They said not to. Now it is their fault I keep buying these things.” Kane replied, standing up to straight, walking towards the truck.

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Stop smoking in my truck.”

“Now, Ethan, why would I possibly do that?” Kane said, looking at Ethan and batting his eyelashes.

“‘Cause I know where your cigarettes are. For all you know I could be poisoning them, killing you faster.” Ethan said, like it was a normal conversation.

“Well if you are poisoning them, thank you. I always wanted to die by poison.” Kane said, holding a hand to his chest like he was flattered.

“You just want to die in general.” Ethan rolled his eyes, putting on sunglasses and opening the truck’s driver door.

“Touché.” Kane replied.


Chapter 18 – All

Anthony climbed up the ladder.

“You know it is still trespassing if we are in the treehouse?”

“You know if we hadn’t trespassed, we might not get our friend back.”

“You got me there.” Keyone said, climbing up the ladder.

They stood inside, looking around the slowly weakening treehouse.

“Wow… it’s been a long time since we were here last.” Anthony said, eyes scanning the walls.

“Yeah,” Keyone replied, picking up a photo of the three, “a long time.”

Anthony looked to the corner farthest from the ladder. There was another ladder and an arrow pointing up to the flat roof.

Anthony stepped up the ladder.

Held on the roof by a rock, was a yellow envelope, the kind that usually says ‘do not bend’.

Anthony grabbed the envelope and brought it back down to the interior, opening it, looking at it’s contents.

A letter, a picture, a map.


Wow. I am seriously impressed. Good job sticking to one thing so long, Anthony. Keyone probably would’ve left without you anyway. Heh. So there is one clue left. One clue. You’re almost there. See ya there?

Also, I found a good song. You should listen to it sometime. House of Memories by Twenty-One Pilots. It makes me think.

Picture: it was of a bridge for a train, completely concrete. There were trees all around it, and the gravel was messed up, like someone has walked on it recently.

Map: well, it was a normal map. It was from a town near the treehouse, and a spot was circled.

Guess they had to go to the circled spot.

That was easy.


Chapter 19 – Ends

Ethan drove away from the town, feeling guilty.

What had he done.

Kane sat beside him, noticing.

He leaned over, putting his hand on Ethan’s shoulder, slightly opening the window and throwing his cigarette out.

“You’re doing the right thing. I remember something you told me once. ‘You can only run for so long before you forget why you are running’. You meant well, but I think you were wrong. You can only run for so long before you start running for the wrong reason. Yeah, you are running from your friends now, but you have to face what you were originally running from. Face your past, Ethan. I’ll be here, and then… sigh… then we can go back to your friends.”

Ethan kept driving.

“Remember the plan? We drive up to the house, I get out and walk to the door, and you take my truck and drive away.”

Kane took his hand back, and sat back in his seat. “Yeah.”

Kane’s mind wandered to the call from… what were their names?

Keyona and Amelia?

The call from Keyone and Anthony.

His mind wandered to what Ethan left behind for them.

Ethan was doing the right thing, right? Leaving them to find that?

Why did he care?

“Thanks for doing this favor for me.”

“You’re welcome.”


Chapter 20 – Here

It was 2:00 in the afternoon, and this story is almost over.

They drove along the road, following the map.

They got out of the car.

Anthony was nervous. This was the last clue. What would it say?

Keyone was kinda angry. So now the clues are near each other. Ethan must have been in a rush this time.

They walked into the tunnel under the bridge.

Everything seemed in slow motion.

Anthony’s hazel eyes scanned the concrete walls.

Keyone saw it.

The folded paper trampled into the gravel.

Anthony followed Keyone’s eyes, and ran to the paper.

He picked it up out of the stones, and opened it.

It was 2:09 in the afternoon, and Ethan stopped running.

Ethan stood in front of the doors he hadn’t seen in so long, his friend driving away.

He rang the doorbell.

It was 2:10 in the afternoon, and a paper was unfolded.

Anthony unfolded the paper, sitting on his heels in the gravel of a cement tunnel, trying to find his friend.

Anthony read the paper.

“Ethan?” He asked the world.

Anger, sadness, confusion.

Keyone walked behind him, and read the paper.


Image via Flickr.

It was 2:12 in the afternoon, and a story ended.

I’m sorry guys, you did this all for nothing. I decided I ran for too long. I need to face what I was running from. Guess this is goodbye. You guys were my greatest friends, and you really didn’t know that much about me.

Keyone, apologize to Alexia, she is still not over you.

Anthony, stop stealing my leftovers. You already have too many.


Until we meet again?



Good job getting this far. I never did.





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