Gone: Extended Ending

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September 10, 2017 by thewashingteenian

By Emily Wise, Staff Reporter


Ethan stood in the subway station uneasily.

How would they react?

What would happen?

It might go downhill.

He sighed, looking to the floor, his breath fogging up the cold December air.

He was back in town, the town that his friends still lived in.

He had stopped running from his family, so he had to stop running from his friends.

He looked back to his phone.

11:11 pm.

They probably wouldn’t even be up.


Image via Flickr.

Ethan stood, and Anthony ran to him. They stood two feet away from each other.

Three clues held them apart.

Ethan swallowed, looking to the ground. Anthony walked closer to him.

Anthony stood right infront of him, and Ethan wouldn’t look up at him.

Anthony used all his force to punch Ethan’s arm. Ethan looked up. “Was that supposed to do something?” He asked. “I guess I deserved it, though.”

Anthony walked closer and hugged him. “You could’ve just told us you were leaving. You could’ve told us so that we didn’t go on a wild goose chase trying to find our missing best friend.” Anthony breathed in. “You smell like smoke.” He added.

“I didn’t tell you that I was going because I wasn’t allowed to. If I could’ve, I would’ve. I knew either way you two would try to come after me, to I set up the clues to keep you busy while I did what I had to do. But, you finished them faster than I thought.”

Keyone decided to join the conversation. “It was Anthony’s fault. He wanted to find you as soon as possible.”

Ethan looked away from his two comrades.

Guilt. An odd feeling.

“I had to help someone. I had to do what was right. I… I had to go somewhere.” Ethan said.


Kane looked at Ethan.

“I am going to run away. Don’t follow me.” Ethan said.

“You are one of my best friends… I… just, maybe… leave clues? Yeah, we have both been through our rounds of crap, but we need to stick together.” Kane said, practically begging.

“Okay.” Ethan replied, handing him a letter. “See ya again sometime? I’ll be there when you really need me.”


“It’s fine. It really is. You are okay.” Anthony said. Keyone nodded.

“There’s someone you should meet.” Ethan said, not looking towards his two friends.

Keyone looked confused. “Who?”


Kane stood in Ethan’s house, in the middle of a mourning family.

They said Ethan was gone.

They said Ethan told them not to follow him.

He really did it.

He’s really gone.


A boy with pink hair walked out from behind a nearby alley.

“Guys, this is Kane.”

Kane waved. Keyone and Anthony were beyond confused at this point.


College. He would probably have to enter one soon. Ugh.

He started wiping down the counter of the shop, the manager yelling over the phone in his office.

The door opened. The bell rang.

“Hello Kane.”

“Hello Alexia.”

“I got you a phone number, kind of to make up an old debt.”

She slid a paper across the table.

“Call it when you are ready. You know who it is.”


“Is this who you left us for?” Keyone asked.

“No, you are who I left him for. He was my first friend. Way before you guys.”

They blinked.

Looking to Kane, they both introduced themselves.

This was working better then Ethan thought it would.

Well, lets see where this goes.


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