My Place in the World: A Personal Poem


September 27, 2017 by thewashingteenian

By: T, Contributor

When I was younger I was always alone
I never wanted to do anything
I just sat around all day
I had no place in this world

In 4th grade was the worst
That’s when I became depressed
Kids started making up names
They called me hurtful things
They made me feel I had no place in the world

5th grade got a little better but I was still alone
Kids started to grow up
Mature a little
They stopped picking on me and moved to the other kids
The different kids
Even though they stopped picking on me
Still I had no place in the world

6th grade came and it got better
This is where I met my best friend
Her name is Shian
We instantly clicked
Like it was destiny to meet
We always hung out
I slowly got happy
I wasn’t sitting alone anymore
I wasn’t lonely
I started to find my place in the world

The middle of 6th grade came
Me and Shian were growing closer everyday
I was getting happier everyday
But she had to leave
Her mom was making her move
Move away, away from me
The day she left I felt was the worst day ever
I started to find my place in the world again


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Month go by
I haven’t really spoke to Shian
Except a few minutes here and there
We never saw each other
I thought she was forgetting
I thought she didn’t care

One day we hung out
We finally me up and hung out
I loved that day
It showed I wasn’t forgotten
It showed I meant something to her
I was finding my place in the world

After the day we hung out I was happy
We hung out a lot more
Seeing each other almost every weekend
I found my place in the world

7th grade came by
One year after meeting Shian
I was happier than ever
I never thought it would last this long
She brings me up when I’m down
She never lets anyone hurt me and get away with it
When I’m pointing out my flaws, she points out my strengths
I had a place in the world

It’s my 8th grade year 3 almost 4 years after we met
We are becoming better friends everyday
And everyday I am growing happier
This is where my place is in the world

I was told to sit down and write a poem
A poem about something that changed me
This is it
She changed me
My best friend
My sister
My place in the world.


Image via Flickr.

A continuation…

9th grade came along
Still happy as ever
Till the others came along
Other friends, tearing us apart
We don’t talk much anymore
Almost never
My place in the world is disappearing
But I’m holding on
My place in the world is not gone yet
And I will never let go completely
And if I do…
I will always find it again



One thought on “My Place in the World: A Personal Poem

  1. Sushmita says:

    After all we all are alive on hope… Great piece, wonderfully written.


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