Being a Bookworm

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October 15, 2017 by thewashingteenian

By Isabella Hendershot, Staff Reporter

Being a bookworm is being the shy one, having social anxiety, keeping to yourself and staying inside whenever possible. Being a bookworm is not wanting to meet new people and being too attached to your friends and family. It’s when you feel like you’re the odd one out sometimes.
Being a bookworm is when you are socially awkward and can’t stand to speak in front of even a small class or group of people. When your hand starts to shake and your leg bounces up and down constantly and when your standing in front of that group of people you start to get fidgety.Being a bookworm is when you’d rather be inside and have it storm heavily than be out in the sun.
Being a bookworm is the difficulty of choosing between two or more books when you can only afford one. Being a bookworm is walking into books a million and not knowing where to start. It’s going to the library at least once a week after school and knowing you can’t checkout a book because you need to pay off your card. Being a bookworm is when you can’t decide which book to get and wondering if your happy with the choice you make before you leave. It’s when you don’t want to open the book because you don’t want to bend the beautiful cover and pages.


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Being a bookworm is when you know the envy of fan fiction and romance. Being a bookworm is when you have shed tears from a death of a character or the sweet words of one. When sometimes you need to stop reading for a moment to stop from crying then continue on. Being a bookworm is when you have that sense of envy and wish the story was your life.
Being a bookworm is when one day you stumble on one of the greatest things ever made and quickly developing a wattpad addiction. Being a bookworm is when you find some way that you can relate to a character. Being a bookworm is when you don’t know if you should write a story yourself.
Being a bookworm is when you get story ideas. Being a bookworm is when you can write an entire story in your head but not write or type a single word. The struggle of finding a title and cover. Being a bookworm is when you don’t know if you want the main character to be like you and based on your life or the person and life you want to be and have.
Being a bookworm is when you have nothing to read so you then develop a YouTube obsession and start with hearing “Hello everybody my name is Markiplier” or “*wha-pish* TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADDIES! My name is Jacksepticeye”. Being a bookworm is when you have nothing to read and your data resets and you run out in 3 days time from binge watching your two favorite people in the entire world. When you can’t stop laughing at the stupid and funny jokes. When you feel the joy of getting a new notification that they have now uploaded one of two videos for the day or have made a new video of a continued series. Being a bookworm is when you start to ship “septiplier” and look at some amazing and weird fan art.

That’s being a bookworm.


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