TLC’s Escape the Room Challenge 2017

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November 2, 2017 by thewashingteenian

Wondering why we’ve been a little quiet lately? We’ve just been busy! The Teen Library Council planned an Escape the Room Challenge from start to finish. First, we brainstormed ideas for potential themes. Our chosen date was close to Halloween, so we decided on a creepy motif: Clue/1940s noir.

Our members researched examples of escape rooms in libraries and the types of puzzles commonly used in professional escape rooms. Puzzles were chosen and props were constructed. After a few meetings, we had the beginnings of the first floor of a mansion a la Clue!

Then, it was time for the fun part! The teens were completely in character as characters of their own design with fun names and eccentric backstories. We put our room together and filmed an introduction video to explain to participants why, exactly, they’d been trapped in a mansion:

Halloween, 1944. There was a dinner party, but the host was murdered before dessert could be served. There were several suspicious characters in attendance, but whodunnit? Someone called the police and, in the confusion, many guests took their leave rather quickly. But some attendees were locked inside the first floor of the mansion! There’s 15 minutes until the police arrive! Figure out who murdered the host, why they murdered the host, and how they dunnit before the cops show up those locked inside are framed for the crime. 

We had several groups attempt to escape the Teen Library Council Escape the Room Challenge. About half of them solved the puzzles and made it out just as the timer was about to run out. The other half of groups were trapped and framed! 

Now, a TLC member is working on a short story inspired by this mystery! Stay tuned if you want to find out whodunnit…



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