Why I Read and Write

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December 13, 2017 by thewashingteenian

By Isabella Hendershot, Staff Writer

So a lot of people wonder why I read so much or how I can read for hours at a time, why I would rather stay inside reading or writing rather than going out and getting out of the house. Well, the answer to why I read so much is because I simply love to read. When I’m reading a story I can imagine I’m the main character and that I’m living this life where I’m either falling hopelessly in love or being hunted down, just something exciting. I can imagine I’m someone else and I’m living some amazing unrealistic life, that I can escape to.


Image via Flickr.

The answer is books are my escape. Always have been and they always will be. I know that when I’m reading i don’t have to worry about my real life problems. I know that my books are my safe haven and that if someone’s not there for me or if I need to escape reality all I need to do is pick up my book or my electric and go to Wattpad and read.


That’s all I have to do. That’s all I’m gonna wanna do is read, just sit and read and be able to pretend I’m someone else in some other place somewhere far away and sometimes somewhere that’s not real.


Then sometimes there’s the question why I write or why I think so hard about what I’m gonna write.


The answer that those questions are simply because when I write it’s just me in my own little perfect place. Somewhere I can imagine everything is okay and I have nothing to worry about. I can write about myself but as someone else. I’m me but I can be different or I’m me and I’m who I want to be.


Image via Pixabay.

When I’m writing I can have control of how things turn out and how thing’s are and who people are. I can pick and choose if something good happens or if something bad happens, if something happened in my life that’s bad or good i can choose how it goes in my writing.


I think hard about what I’m gonna write about before I start writing because I have so many unspoken and unwritten thoughts and ideas. So because of that I have to choose carefully and not just that it’s because I wanna make sure i choose the right thing I wanna be able to say. I wanna make sure I choose the right unspoken thought that I want someone to know about because most of the time I only get one chance, I can’t go back and do it all over again.


But I also write because it’s a way for someone to know my pain or happiness. It’s a way to tell someone about what I’m going through or what someone else is going through without actually tell someone because when i write I’m someone else in my story but I’m me.


So “why do I read and write?” It’s because they are my escapes and my safe havens when I feel like I have no one else there. They are a way to escape reality and an way to pretend I’m someone else or I’m in someone else’s shoes through something the person went through whether they are fictional or not.


Reading and writing are my escape and someway to express myself in a new way.
I have many story ideas that I would love to tell but I think I’m gonna need some help with them. So tell me if you wanna help me and be my writing partner because that would be amazing.


Give me tips or tell me if you wanna make a cover for me because I’m gonna need help in writing all my story ideas and I think you, my lovely readers, can help me do just that!



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