Rin’s Guide to Holiday Breaks

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January 4, 2018 by thewashingteenian

By M.K. Powell, Staff Writer

I will be honest; I have never gone to school before this August. I’ve been homeschooled all my life thus far. Grades? I had no grades, I received comments and whether or not I got the question right. Due dates? No one was enforcing those except me.

In August, however, I enrolled in college on the ESSENCE (Early Support for Students ENtering College Education and yes, I did look it up) program for high schoolers at the local community college. Let me tell you something: it has been some of the most fun months of my life, but I am literally considering blasting “Don’t You Forget About Me” in the classroom on Wednesday the 13th, jumping up and yelling, “See ya next year!” which I actually will, which is why I won’t be doing that, but you get the point. I’m excited to have the time off. So what will I be doing? (Note: as a homeschooler, I am not laying around all day being lazy. I am actually getting school work done, it’s just the due dates are more lax, and with the addition of two college classes to my current curriculum, I did not have much spare time. And my last point is a pretty good illustration of my regular schedule.)

  1. Chocolate Cake.

I have a stack of recipe books I have been neglecting since I enrolled. Plus, the 13th is Taylor Swift’s birthday, and I’m not one to let T. Swizzle down. I plan to bake it in the afternoon, post a picture of it on her Facebook, then casually sneak pieces of it down stairs throughout the afternoon. If someone asks what happened to it, I will gladly tell them my brother is letting himself go.


Image via Flickr.

  1. TCM

TCM. There has not been a day that has gone by that I do not think of the only TV station I can watch for three hours straight without mentally plotting out and enacting my own death. For those who are not familiar with Turner Classic Movies (TCM), it’s a vintage movie channel I have eyed longingly whenever looking for something to watch with my family. My love of vintage movies is a lone desire as not very many share it with me, and that in addition to my disinterest in my family watching me eating cake on the couch, I plan on staying in my room and utilizing the TCM website.

  1. Go to Sleep at a Reasonable Time.

I need to start Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for my online literature class with John Green. Plus there’s math, since there’s always math.

Even when school is back in session, these are great ways to spend the cold winter evenings!


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