It Gets Better: Part II

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January 10, 2018 by thewashingteenian

By Isabella Hendershot, Staff Writer

I don’t turn around. I’m not able to even move. I’m paralyzed with fear, petrified. I fear that I will be taken once again and that I will never see my beloved mate ever again. Jared wraps his arms around me in a vice like grip, hard as stone. He covers my mouth with one of his large hands so that I am unable to call for my beloved.

Jared whispers in my ear, “You will not escape me this time my little Rosebud. Not this time.” I shut my eyes tightly and let out a muffled whimper from fear. I never thought that he would find me again.

Our backs are turned towards the entrance to the kitchen. I just hope that one of the guys will wake up and notice I’m gone from my place beside Phoenix.

I once again hear the raspy voice of Jared. “Now are you going to come back with me quietly and be a good little Rosebud? You know I always have another way of making you come willingly, and I know you don’t want that now do you?” a small and muffled cry leaves my lips as I remember what he would give me again if I didn’t leave with him.

I try to beg for him to let me go, but my cries for help only come out as a mumbled and muffled response. I try to get out of his tight grip, but his hold on me is so tight that I can’t even move an inch and it’s starting to get hard to breathe. I start to panic when I can’t move.

I can hear the deep and cynical chuckle, from the man that has tortured me and broken me, from my feeble and useless attempts to escape his grasp.

I hear someone clear their throat behind us in the entrance to the kitchen. With a tight grip still around my body Jared turns us to face whoever has found us. When we are turned around all of the guys are standing in the doorway to the kitchen. I close my eyes and let out a sigh of relief as I see the guys all standing there. I’m filled with relief to know that I will not be taken again.


Image via Flickr.

As I’m looking at the boys I notice how they are all shaking and that their eyes have changed to their wolf’s. It was a sign that they were furious to see that this evil man has his arms around me, hurting me. I try again to get out of Jared’s tight grip, now that the boys are here, but he tightens his grip again and it’s painfully tight now. It immediately makes me stop and let out a small and muffled cry of pain. I hear all of the boys growl, but the one that stands out is the loudest of them all. I know exactly who it belongs to. My beloved, Phoenix.

I hear his loud growl and I can feel his Alpha power seeping into it. It makes me feel a little bit safer knowing that he is here, that he’s here to protect me. He pushes his way through the boys and stands in the front. His eyes are glowing a beautiful yellow gold hue.

Jared tightens his grip around me as he catches sight of Phoenix. It feels as if he is starting to slowly crush my ribs, it gets harder to breathe. My beloved can see the pain in my eyes as they begin to tear up. His eyes are now focused on Jared’s tightening grip, I don’t think it will be much longer until my bones start to crack and break.

Phoenix begins to lurch forward at Jared. Before my lovely mate can reach either or us, Jared gives one final squeeze to my rib cage and starts to run as soon as he drops me to the floor.

I let out a cry of pain as I feel my bones being crushed underneath his arms. I let out another as my body hits the hard, solid marble floors. Everyone runs towards me, but they are, unfortunately, not fast enough to catch me before my body hits the floor.

I fall to the cold and hard floor with a sickening thud. Seconds later the guys are above me with anger in their eyes, but I see the concern they have for me. Phoenix is right above me, his concern for me at the moment evident in his eyes.

“You’re ok, your gonna be ok. I promise I’ll make it all better.” he speaks to me in a rushed but calm voice. I can tell he doesn’t want me to panic. His words do calm me down but only slightly. The waves of pain hit me as I try to take a deep breath, but instead of a deep breath I start to cough and it causes me more pain.

A look of panic crosses his face as he can see my pain. He looks up to the boys and he speaks to them through the pack link. After a minute passes he looks back down to me and tells me to hold onto his hand tightly. The guys lift me up slowly and carefully. They start to take me to the hospital wing in the pack house. Every little movement causes me pain. The entire trip to the pack doctor I am holding onto my beloved’s hand in a crushing grip.

Once we reach the hospital room I’m laid down on a table and the doctor comes over to me. He cuts off the night shirt I was wearing and he runs his hands over my rapidly bruising skin. Phoenix growls as he sees the doctor touching me and how, even though his touch is light, I still suck in a breath out of pain and from the cold feeling of his hands. It puts a small smile on my face seeing how possessive he is over me, it made me feel safe and it calmed me slightly.

The doctor continues to press his fingers against my injured ribs and my painfully bruised skin. After another minute of the painful examination he has to do on me, he pulls back and tells us all what he thinks has happened. “I’m usually pretty good with determining the difference between what bones are only cracked and what’s broken but I’m not 100% sure. I can tell you that all of your ribs are in fact seriously injured. I need to take x-rays to be positive of what’s broken and to make sure none of your broken bones have punctured any organs. Though I can tell you right now we will need to reset your broken bones and I possibly might have to do surgery on you and it will not be a nice feeling.”

As Cole, the pack doctor and our friend, tells all of us what  needs to be done I hold onto Phoenix’s hand in a tight grip once again. It makes me sick to my stomach to think of the kind of pain I will be in.

The x-rays were taken and Cole looked to see what damage was done to my bones. When he comes back into the room he tells us he has found that five of my ribs have been broken and four are fractured. The good news was that I would not need surgery but the bad news was Cole needed to reset the bones before they started healing in a damaging position.

Cole told everyone to leave, including Phoenix. With a small kiss on my forehead and one to each of my hands he, reluctantly, left the room. He warned me before he started that it would be very painful and it would help to grab onto the table. I gripped the sides of the table so tightly that I thought my nails would be the next thing to crack and break.

The first bone he reset was excruciatingly painful. I let out a scream and cry of pain with each pop and crack of my bones that was made as Cole reset my bones. Once it was finished Phoenix burst into the room with the boys following as they try and hold him back. I turn my head over to look as Phoenix rushes over to me and gives me kisses all over my face that was covered in a cold sweat and tears of pain.

Cole comes back over with cooling cream and medical wrap. He pulls me up into a sitting position carefully, stopping when I make a sound out of pain, and then he gently rubs the cold gel over my bruised skin then proceeding to wrap my ribs with the medical wrap. “Now come back every night before you guys go to bed and I will look to see how everything is and I will put on a new wrap each visit.” He tells us and then Phoenix picks me up bridal style and we all head back up to the living room.

Once we are back up to the living room the boys start to make a little bed out of all the pillows and blankets that we have brought out for the movie night so I would be more comfortable. Phoenix lays me down carefully so that I wouldn’t be in anymore pain tonight and then he lays down right next to me. Everyone is wide awake now so everyone else goes to the kitchen and gets more junk food and drinks so we could resume our movie night. When they all get back they spread out on the blanket covered floor and we put on more movies. After watching a few more movies I eventually fall back to sleep in my loving mate’s arms.

To be continued…


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