Midnight at the Hospital

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January 9, 2019 by thewashingteenian

By Kevin Lin, Staff Writer


It’s just before midnight. A doctor has just finished responding to an emergency and is ready to pack up and go home. While waiting for the elevator to arrive, a nurse also arrives at the elevator. They both ride the same elevator to the first floor. But the elevator doesn’t stop at the first floor and keeps going to the basement. The elevator stops at B3. The door opens. A mysterious girl with a red ribbon tied around her wrist stands in front of the doorway with her head facing down, asking to ride the elevator with them. The doctor panics and closes the elevator door quickly. The nurse curiously asks, ‘Why didn’t you let her in?’ The doctor replies, ‘This is B3 – it’s where all the corpses are stored and frozen after a patient passes away. Every corpse has a red ribbon tied to its right arm.’ After hearing what the doctor has just said, the nurse raises her right arm and asks in a deep chuckling voice, ‘Is this the red ribbon you’re talking about?’

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