Why Should I Shave My Legs?: Post Feminist Summer

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April 3, 2019 by thewashingteenian

by M. K. Powell,


Last summer, I (a woman) didn’t shave my legs. Not only did I not shave my legs, but I wrote a blog article about it, like a true internet age radical feminist, making change in the streets.

The reason I wrote my article was because I wanted to lighten the societal pressure I felt was being put upon me. And it was accurate; in pop culture women who don’t shave are shamed as bigfoot-like, he-man ladies who speak in deep, husky groans. No one should be made to feel or do something untrue to themselves if it doesn’t hurt anyone, even if it breaks societal expectations. I ended my last article with “if the best reason for me to shave my legs is ‘Because that’s just how it is’ then I’m not doing it.” I will still stand by it.

But, I have a secret to divulge. I am what many of my co-femmes would call a victim of the patriarchy. I have, to the befuddlement of many of my readers, shaved my legs.

Why have I de-haired my legs? For the same reason I believe people should decide whether or not to shave their legs: I wanted to. I did, for a short time last summer, feel embarrassed about my fuzzy walking sticks, cause…society. But there were other things I missed, like the smooth, soft feeling of my hairless pegs and the slick way I slide in and out of my sheets. My legs (shaved) feel like an infant’s face, and I enjoy that, therefore, I shave my legs.

The takeaway, however, shouldn’t be that it’s okay to force women to conform to society’s expectations, cause it’s not, period. I would go another summer without shaving my legs in support of others not having to shave theirs. Feminism is all about creating an environment in which everyone can make their own choices based on their own preferences not to the detriment of others, not what is deemed acceptable by society.

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