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April 12, 2019 by thewashingteenian

By Kevin Lin


Darkness by darkness, a dim light appears in the distance

Light by light, small light of hope sprouting onto the surface of the world

Reach by reach the light became clearer and clearer as if everything came into existence

Scenery by scenery, the tender wind and the warmth of sunlight is nothing like the underworld


Day by day, observing the changes of the mysterious sky

Night by night, extends my wings toward the moonlight bright

Rain by rain, as quietness fall upon the dribbles carries by the nature

Sunny by sunny, where the rain turn into vapors


Winter by winter, the snow falls and turns into glaciers

Spring by spring, where we sprout once again

Summer by summer, we reach out maximum potential

Fall by fall, we begin to fall apart


Winter by winter, we leave behind our next generation

Fall into darkness once again until everything repeats itself

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