Both Aspects


May 8, 2019 by thewashingteenian

By Muhammad Sodagar

In the name of God:

Once, Jesus and the Apostles were going somewhere. On the middle of the way,
they saw a group of people that were talking about something. They went to see
what the matter was. They saw that there was a dead dog, which seemed like it
had been dead for a long time because it smelled very bad. A woman said: “What
a bad smell it has; somebody take it away.”
A man said: “Look at this ugly carcass… ooooffff; it smells like…”
-Take it away
-It will make everyone sick…
Everyone was talking about getting rid of the carcass or how ugly it was or how
bad it smelled but suddenly they heard a very pleasant voice: “What beautiful
and white teeth it has.”
Everyone was surprised. They looked around to see who said that. It was Jesus.
Jesus looked to the people and said: “Even the decomposing carcass of a dead
dog can be admired for its good features. Don’t just pay attention to the negative
aspects and features of things; try to see the positive aspects of things. For, if God
saw only the negative aspects of things, as you do, He wouldn’t have created any
human beings.” Everybody looked back at the carcass, and slowly went their
own ways while trying to digest what Jesus had just said: “God wouldn’t have
created any human beings.”

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