The Dark

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May 16, 2019 by thewashingteenian

By Isabella Hendershot

Being afraid of the dark is named as a silly fear. We are all supposed to grow out of it after a certain age. When we hit that level of so called “maturity”, it means no more nightlights, no more crying to mommy or daddy that we are scared. Reaching that certain age is also the end of having other childhood fears. No more monsters in the room, no more fairy tales, no more tea parties with your stuffed animals to distract you from that time of the night where the anxiety rushes and you’re scared to close your eyes in bed. No more “silly” fears, at this point it’s not acceptable to go crying to mommy and daddy or any of your siblings just for being scared.


But I feel it is acceptable. At that age where you’re not supposed to be scared of the dark or the monsters that may lurk inside, it’s okay to still be scared. It’s okay to fear going to sleep in the dark, it’s acceptable to want light as you sleep, no matter how old you get. At 17 I continue to sleep with Christmas lights on in my room.


At 17 I also say it is acceptable because your mind can run wild with all the possibilities of what can be in the shadows, it’s because we can’t see what lurks in the dark. We may know what is really there but we can’t see it, therefore we make up what or who could be in the dark.


But my fear of the dark also comes from watching horror movies and scary TV shows. It doesn’t help that I continue to watch those things. It only fuels my fear and the need to sleep with my bedroom door closed and my Christmas light plugged in. If I don’t have my door shut or the lights on my anxiety goes through the roof and I can’t sleep, can’t stay still in my bed until I have those things in place. Just imagine what happens when the power goes out in my neighborhood. I can tell you that the candles I have are immediately burning to provide some semblance of light.


So no matter your age it is completely acceptable to be afraid of the dark and everything your mind makes up to say what’s inside of it.

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