A review on “the Catcher in the Rye”

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May 22, 2019 by thewashingteenian

By Muhammad Sodagar, Staff Writer.

In the Name of God: The point that “THE CATCHER IN THE RYE” is a very
popular, famous and good-selling book is that the book
is about a teenager and everyone would be a teenager.
There is a little possibility that you become a butcher at
all, but you had been, would be or you are a
teenager. Now, there is a very important point about all
teenagers, I know it because I am a teenager myself. All
teenager, I emphasize “ALLLLLLLLL”, are some kind of
creature between an adult, a child and a mix between
them. If we want to discuss this in mathematics, it’s like
that 0.3333 of a teenager’s brain thinks and acts as an
adult; the other 0.3333 thinks and acts as a child; and
the rest acts as something between these two. Now,
“THE CATCHER IN THE RYE’s” main character, Holden
Caulfield, is a teenager and as a result, this rule applies to
him. So when someone reads “THE CATCHER IN THE
RYE”, especially a teenager, they feel like some acts are
childish, some are too adult and some is exactly
what he/she, the reader, would do.
The second point about it is that all teenagers have very
complicated feelings and thoughts, as a result of their
mixture of mind. They like to know, “Does anyone
else have this kind of feeling and thought?” They want to
answer this with reading “THE CATCHER IN THE RYE”;
and actually, Salinger will answer them.
The third point is the psychological wave. When a
teenager sees that everyone has read the book, because
of their teenage-nature, they want to read it just to get rid
of the sentences like: “Oh you haven’t read the book??!!!”and etc.
The tone of the reader is effective too. Salinger
writes the book like someone who is talking through your
mouth and that really helps you to understand what will
you do if you were in this position.
With respect to J.D Salinger, Muhammad S. Sodagar

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