A tribute to Izzy and Rin

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July 26, 2019 by thewashingteenian

By Jay Trovato, Young Adult Librarian

Izzy and Rin (left and second from left, above) are pillars of the Teen Library Council and the Young Adult Department’s community of teen patrons.  I have no doubt that they will quickly become pillars in their new intellectual and social communities at their respective colleges.

Think for a moment about pillars.  Their job is simple: to stand there and hold other things off the ground.  They bear the weight of weaker parts of the building so that the whole thing stands solid against the elements.  Their job is not to move.  If they do move, the whole building is in trouble.

These two wonderful pillars (Izzy and Rin) have done their job well.  The Young Adult Department has had two new librarians come in over the past 2 years (Ann in 2017 and me, Jay, in 2018), each of us bringing our unique personality, experiences, interests, and beliefs.  Izzy and Rin have been part of the department for far longer than Ann and I have, and they have patiently and lovingly shepherded both of us as well as their fellow teens.

Now, as Izzy and Rin move out from here into their college years, the Young Adult Department will stand strong because these two have helped Ann, me, and their fellow teens learn how to become pillars.

Izzy, thank you for being willing to participate in any and every library activity, for getting along so well with everyone, and for all the delicious food you brought us.  We’ll miss your smile like crazy.

Rin, thank you for making me a better leader and a better writer.  Many others throughout your life will build upon the foundation of confidence and strength within you, just as Ann and I have.

Thank you both for your commitment to reading, scholarship, and citizenship.  You exemplify the very best of what the youth people of Washington County, Maryland have to offer.  We will miss you and we are deeply grateful for all you have done.


To end on a lighter note…at Izzy and Rin’s surprise send-off party last night, we played a game in which we worked together to create random sentences.  Here are ten of the best ones.

WARNING: Abandon all logical thought, ye who read on.


  • Jay and Ann committed arson at the Constitutional Boogie Down Hall during that hour after lunch where you feel like nothing is real anymore because they were looking for a good time.
  • Donald Trump’s dusty wig descended into hell to kick it with Satan in Gotham city on July 20, 1969 14 seconds before the moon landing because they wanted a sack of Joe.
  • Kat and Elisha fell into a vat of melted chocolate in Hoboken, NJ (USSR) on a day very much like today since I am the queen of the world and have all of the answers (thank you very much).
  • President Pete ate a McChicken outside of Denny’s in the music-filled year 1999 because you cannot really balance eggs easily on the equinox, contrary to popular belief.
  • Joseph Stalin kissed a girl and she liked it at the intersection of Eastern Blvd Highway, the largest traffic light In Hagerstown, when Trump got into a fight with God because he wanted to.
  • Shrek fell in love with Shaggy by the most intense sunset in the glove compartment of a car that smelled like chocolate and roses yesterday at 5:00 pm because…why not!
  • Jay slapped a man with a wet bag of bananas all around the world and in space during the 1800s because the Nachos Empire was in danger.
  • Britney Spears gave Izzy a giant bag of Skittles and a big kiss in the White House at the worst time in the universe, since we’re mourning the death of our supreme beast, Barney the dinosaur.
  • Mr. Snow stole bins and a candle holder in a hobbit hole in the future and my fantasy world because it was too good to deny it.
  • Elon Musk paid a bunch of superheroes to set the White House on fire in the library in the 1950’s because he killed his daddy.

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