Walk Unalone

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August 1, 2019 by thewashingteenian

An anonymous submission


I’m not much of a singer;

I can’t really carry a tune

you just make me want to sing sweet hymnals to you.

I’ve got this loneliness in me

that tricks me to believe

I’m alone in company.

But you asked me not to leave:

You said,

“It’s a heavy load

and a long way home,

but if we’re together it won’t be so cold.”

Before you

I went alone in hard, shameless light

without a shadow.

Now I move forward knowing you’re behind.

I always want to be okay,

but I’m not always.

You were the first to tell me that’s alright.

Promise you won’t leave when I cry?

After all,

who can really say

if we’ll always be this way?

Holding hands, a little less forsaken?

But when I go back

to walking these streets solo

at my back, I’ll always know

I have your shadow.

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