Written For Youth

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September 26, 2019 by thewashingteenian

By apollosbones, Staff Writer


I pour more than just thought into them,

the lyrics I write, to inspire, to include

your generation; the youth of a new age.

The world will grab you by the hair, will

drag you down to the depths of your own

personal hell. But I want to leave you

love notes, voice mails, spoken words.

I want to give you songs that will hold you

closer than your friends, that will sink deep

into your minds — linger on them a little longer.


You, fledglings, are the little birds I want to

help raise. You, my fledglings, are the ones

who deserve happiness. I want to give you that

feeling of jubilation, of hope, of having something

to look forward to, when there is nothing else that

waits for your arrival home. I’m leaving you these

lyrics, these rhythms, these blankets to wrap

yourself in when you can’t even begin to

think about life anymore.


Your generation is a newborn baby,

a book just starting to be drafted,

oh, so impressionable. The world,

society, seems to dig all of its nails

right into your spines, your hearts, your

fragile minds. I want to press my palms

into your shoulders, to wipe away

the claw marks of the world.


I’m leaving you with the world,

but also with this written kiss.

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