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October 31, 2019 by thewashingteenian

By Jasmine Bulle

My heart raced against time. My face covered with tears. The footsteps behind me were closing in on me. The sound echoed against the hardwood.

A rod was scratching on the floor, making its presence known. It slid closer and closer.

I ran for the nearby door. I hid under a bed, hoping the sound would go away.

Before I knew it, the door creaked slowly. I could hear loud breathing. It was pacing around like a mad dog.

I closed my eyes. And the sound was gone.

It was gone.

I slowly got up from under the bed, telling myself it was all a dream.

A loud laughter arose in the room. It was a shadowy figure that looked similar to my height. I couldn’t see its face, only the shape of its mouth. It said, “You will never run away from me!  Because I’m a part of you, FOREVER!”

The figure smiled and closed the door…

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