A Battle Between Two Wills

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February 20, 2020 by thewashingteenian

by The Delirious Sapphic, Staff Writer


Walls closing in around me,

Encasing me in a tomb of misery,

Forever imprisoned in my mind,

Can’t seem to find a key


I know it’s happening again,

Escalating against my own will,

I want to stop it but I never can,

A sorrowful story it is to tell


It’ll be over soon,

At least that’s what I wish,

But I can’t help the feeling of impending doom,

Like Death’s eternal kiss.


A battle between two wills,

Both grappling over my mind,

But my anxiety always prevails,

Sharp and refined


It’s always there,

It never ceases,

Lurking in its lair,

Hiding in the creases.


I hope it’ll get better,

But really, it never can,

I’ll be alone forever,

But then I never really am.

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