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March 26, 2020 by thewashingteenian

By Sophie Lucas, Staff Writer


6 years I have liked you

5 letters in your name

4 years you liked me back

3 words I want to say

2 ways I could say it

1 time I know won’t work


I thought it was over

That my feelings were through

But no matter where I was I kept thinking of you

My stomach did flips

While my heart burst

Even though I knew you liked someone else


No matter what you are still my friend

We have known each other for too long

Plus you mean to much me

As a friend

And no matter how hard I try to forget

You matter to me as something more


It’s how you are such a dork

You care, but show it in weird ways

You get overly excited over what you love

How you can act tough, but you’re terrified of horror movies

How even if I haven’t seen you in forever you act like we talk every day

I don’t think you ever noticed, I make fun of the people I like to hide how much I care


I won’t say the L word

Because if I say it

It will be true

I will have fallen for you

There  would be no cure

I will have passed 6


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