Nothing Holding Me Back

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July 23, 2020 by thewashingteenian

By MJ Maheu, Staff Writer


The first place I’m going is anywhere

But where I used to call home

That place brings back memories

But some of them I wish my brain didn’t hold

That room was where everything happened

The promises and dreams, hopes and silent screams 

The helpless and quiet yells together with the never ending tears

Those walls held me into place just when

I thought I was about to break

Those blankets and pillows protected

In the wee hours of the nights in their warm embrace

That desk had seen so many books

Each being read and re-read to pass the time

If not reading, then drawings sprawled across the chipped and stained wood

That mirror reflected my image 

Reminding me of what I had done right

Or what I had done wrong

What I longed for and what I had lost

One side had me crying but the other smiling

That was the side I decided to show the world, a never ending smile

And that window, how I remember

The sounds of the morning song coming from those beautiful birds

In the morning or those blaring fire alarms abruptly disturbing a peaceful night

The passing cars constantly was a reminder

For me to never stop dreaming

These were the only things that kept me going

But in the end, there’ll be nothing holding me back

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