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April 15, 2021 by thewashingteenian

by Keziah Boakye

I was thinking about how college is actually useless and a waste of time if you don’t know what you want to do with your life. You’re wasting thousands of dollars on something that you aren’t even sure about and getting yourself into debt while doing so.  That’s not really smart because after college, you’re back home trying to figure what to do with life and how to go about it.  And now you also have to go do something with it because you are in debt. And that’s how people become slaves in America, because they are force-fed the idea of school being such a great stepping stone.  

I’m not knocking the idea of education, because “knowledge is power.”  I’m not saying that people shouldn’t go to school. School is great once you find what you are passionate about.  Some find that out during high school, and for others it takes some time and a lot of soul searching.

The point I’m trying to make is the fact people push their children to college right after high school without giving them the chance to figure out life and themselves.  Life is not all about school, and the benefits of going to college are not always the way schools sell in their marketing.  

Everyone’s gotta start from somewhere. 

Thank you for listening to or reading my Ted talk. 😁

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