Gone: Part III

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August 10, 2017 by thewashingteenian

By Emily Wise, Staff Reporter


Chapter 11 – School Days

Ethan sat in class, his third-grade mind wandering the halls. He hated math with a passion, and they were learning the multiplication tables. His eyelids drooped. He shouldn’t have played Minecraft for so long. But Mojang did tell the truth, it was more addicting than lemonade.

The boy beside him watched as he drifted off. Anthony poked his arm, waking him up again. Ethan glanced over at him. The brown-haired male smiled. The ginger smiled back.

Ethan fell asleep.

He was woken up by Anthony and his friend, Keyone.

They had been friends ever since.


Chapter 12 – Ocean

He stood, looking at the horizon far away over the ocean. His truck parked beside him, he looked at the box in his hands. The wind picked up, blowing his hair. The threw the box away into the ocean, watching the waves carry and destroy the remnants. Closing his eyes, he walked away.


Image via Flickr.

Anthony walked down the hall between classes, completely in his head. Had he gotten all his work done? Was he ready for his teachers to talk for 300 million hours? Had he used black ink to print his essay? Had he printed his essay?

Suddenly, he stopped. He felt eyes on his back. Turning, his hazel eyes scanned the halls. Everyone walked past him, everyone looked normal. He glared into the crowds. Then he saw them.

Grey shirt, blue jeans, black shoes. Blackened sunglasses pointed directly to him. She held nothing, and had her hands in her pockets. She walked away. Anthony’s phone rang. He pulled it out of his pocket, and a notification told him he was late for class.


Chapter 13 – When

When you find me.

These words engraved into the back of his mind, Keyone looked at the paper given to him, a piece torn off of another paper.

What was it about these words that were familiar?

Anthony walked up behind him. “Some creep was starin’ at me in the hallway,” he said. Keyone turned around. “What did they look like?” “They were wearin-” “No! Was was her hair color?” “Uh… blonde? I don’t know. Wait, how did you-”

Keyone ran out the door.


Chapter 14 – Alexia T.

The blonde walked across the street, pulling a grey sweatshirt over her head. She breathed out, sigh escaping her list. Why couldn’t she talk to him? Ask him for Keyone’s number? Did she really lose her confidence in trying to get him back?


She turned. There he was.

“Why are you creeping out my friends? Haven’t we gone over this? I said I wanted you to-”

“-leave you alone. I know. I just… I just wanted to… at least be friends. I know my way isn’t the best, but… I was just trying to get a way to contact you.” Alexia looked Keyone in the eye. “I’m sorry, I should’ve just left, I… yeah. Nevermind.”

She turned and walked away.

“Oh yeah, I forgot. This got sent to me, but it said to it had to be given to you.” She turned and handed him an envelope. Keyone just looked at the envelope, and Alexia got on a bike and rode away.

Keyone said nothing.


Chapter 15 – Done

Keyone waited in the park, waited for Alexia.

Yeah, this was a jerk move, but at least he wasn’t doing this over the phone.

“Hey! Why are we here today?” Alexia asked. Keyone sighed. This had to happen sometime. “Alexia, I think we should end our relationship.”

“Why?” Alexia asked, tilting her head.

“It’s just… I have other things to focus on… we get in so many fights… I am leaving for college in a few weeks, and I have to get good grades.”

“We don’t get in fights! You can focus! I-” Alexia was interrupted.

“No, Lexi, just… just leave me alone,” Keyone said, walking from the scene.

Alexia just stood and blinked, watching him walk away.

“Just leave me alone.”




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